When you see the Stafford’s name, you can be sure it’s a promise of outstanding performance, unique styling and overall value.



You can be confident in knowing, our carpet brands stand up to today’s busy lifestyles. Carpet can replace any existing flooring with trend-setting designs and features that create the foundation for any room in your home.

With the variety of carpeting choices today, we can bring color, texture, warmth and fashion to peoples’ lives and homes with greater quality and care for the environment, now more than ever.

Suddenly living rooms are for living and not just looking. From little ones toddling around, to sitting down on the floor for ‘game night’ or a movie, carpeting is a perfect way to cozy up a space. Spills don’t mean stains and muddy paws aren’t reason for concern; with the upgrades in technology in the carpet industry, carpeting is also a durable choice.

Carpeting offers the benefit of flexibility to change the color and design of a room in the future. This gives you the option to keep your flooring updated and “fresh”! We are committed to providing our customers with first-class products with exceptional value from manufacturers who stand by their commitment to offer the very latest in innovation at the best value possible. Carpet flooring is budget friendly, you can experience all the benefits of carpeting your home at just about any budget and create luxury and comfort for you, your family and all of life’s entertaining moments. You will find, these days, having carpet installed in your home is a good sound investment!

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