When you see the Stafford’s name, you can be sure it’s a promise of outstanding performance unique styling and overall value.


Redlands CA , Yucaipa CA, Riverside CA Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring will give you the beauty and warmth of hardwood flooring at a more budget friendly cost.
Laminate flooring is a wood composite layered flooring of recycled hardwood, with high resolution imprint and textures mimicking a variety of real wood species to choose from. The impression of a laminate floor gives any room in your home a high-end beauty and sophistication with more ease of installation than laying real hardwood floors.

The melamine coating over the surface lends to the benefit of being scratch resistant and a durable flooring option. With this kind of make-up and the airtight locking system when laying this flooring, a nice sanitary condition is created, which is also beneficial to people with allergies. This material does not expand and contractlike real wood so it’s more moisture resistant, if ever water damage occurs, this flooring is more easily replaced because of the nature of being a floating floor.
It’s an easy care flooring, only needing to be dusted off or vacuumed and cleaned with a damp mop.

Laminate flooring is extremely versatile, the look of laminate will warm up any space in your home or office creating a sensation look, easily mistaken as real hardwood flooring.